Established in 2017, Up Side Down Circus was set up by Chris and Tammi as a response to needs in the circus community in Cardiff and Wales. We felt that a dedicated training space with a friendly, patient and committed ethos was important for a community and we pride ourselves on our passion to make an accessible space for all.

We see Up Side Down Circus as a community and members are not just users of our services, but are part of the Up Side Down Circus family! As such we value your input and suggestions for the growth and development of the company.


We love everyone to get involved! We hold regular events for our members to show off their amazing circus skills and share their passion—community shows for class participants (and instructors) to perform; internal/external open days for everyone to come and have a go; opportunities for community performers to join us at festivals and events; photoshoots with local photographers who can document those hard-earned poses.

Halloween show 2019
Blue Lagoon festival 2019
© Liz Day Community show December 2021


Please help us to run the space as smoothly as possible. We ask that you arrive in plenty of time for your class and don't forget to sign in and out of the building. After your class please help to return equipment to the right place in order to keep the space tidy and to assist with class turnaround times. Clear away any rubbish that may be left—bins are provided. Make sure you leave with everything you came with—we do keep items left in the space, but we cannot be held responsible for them and you must collect lost property at the earliest opportunity.


We have clear expectations of ourselves and each other to keep the space a fun, friendly and safe space for everyone. We expect all participants, staff and users to:

  • uphold this code of conduct and be excellent examples of personal and professional behaviour
  • attempt to prevent potential conduct violations and agree to be observant and vigilant in watching for people in need of help
  • respect all instructors/staff and their decisions
  • respect fellow participants
  • arrive on time for classes and be present for warm-up and cool down activities
  • respect other people’s privacy, including personal space, contact details, photographing/filming, and so on.


We will not tolerate:

  • offensive comments and behaviour relating to gender, identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, body size and appearance
  • sexual or otherwise inappropriate images, behaviour and language
  • inappropriate conversation, language, behaviour, and/or hateful speech
  • deliberate intimidation, stalking or following
  • harassing photography or recording
  • inappropriate or otherwise unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention (including unwanted hugs, touches or touching pregnant bellies, and so on)
  • questions, comments, or actions without empathy.

We expect all words and actions to be rooted in thoughtfulness and conducive to positive growth. Harassing, abusive, discriminatory or derogatory conduct will not be tolerated.


As a community space we want to ensure that every user of the space has an enjoyable and positive time. We welcome any feedback, concern or suggestion, or if you have a grievance about the space, teaching or your participation.


If a concern needs to be dealt with immediately (for example. equipment, safety, and so on) then please inform your instructor in the first instance, or reception, and ensure that the equipment is not used.

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