Aerial yoga

Yoga is a great way to work on balance, strength and flexibility. It's not about what the shapes look like, but about how we can use them to benefit mind and body. Aerial yoga has a few additional benefits—a great twist on your usual aerial or yoga practice, or something completely new!


The class takes place at standing height—there's no climbing involved and the flow can be scaled to suit any experience level. Aerial yoga hammocks are used to aid stretches, and provide extra support and stability—they can also assist in deepening streches for those who want to make things more challenging.


If you're new to aerial yoga we offer an introduction-level class to get a grip on the basics at a comfortable pace.


If you have any questions, or you're new to Up Side Down Circus and not sure which level is right for you, contact us at


Check our current timetable for class times and levels.

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