'A great way to work on balance, strength and flexibility' - new aerial yoga class added to our timetable this summer 

June 6, 2022


A new aerial yoga session focusing on balance, strength and flexibility is the latest weekly evening class to be added to our timetable this summer.


The session will be taught by Bee, who is excited to run her own class after being a regular community member here at Up Side Down Circus.


Aerial trainer Sam Smart said: “Yoga is a great way to work on balance, strength and flexibility. It's not about what the shapes look like, but about how we can use them to benefit mind and body.”


The new aerial yoga class will take place on Thursdays between 8.15pm and 9.15pm starting from Thursday, June 9.


Exercises will be carried out at standing height, so there’s no climbing involved and the session can be adapted for any level of experience - including complete beginners.


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The aerial yoga hammocks help with stretches by providing extra support and stability. They can also be used to deepen and extend stretches.


Bee previously trained on static trapeze, aerial rope and silks at NoFit State Circus and has been developing her skills at Up Side Down for the last 18 months. She is excited to start sharing her other love – aerial yoga - with the community.


“Aerial yoga is suitable for all levels," she said. "It combines the basics of yoga, dance, Pilates and aerial acrobatics.”  


Bee explained there is also an element of calisthenics - exercises that don't rely on anything but a person's own body weight.


She added: “Using a low-hanging hammock to support the weight of your body allows you to achieve proper postural alignment through relaxation, rather than effort.”


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Bee suggested aerial yoga is perhaps “the most zen form of circus skills training”, as well as being a good way to work on conditioning and building correct muscle memory for other aerial disciplines.


“Aerial yoga is my favourite way to wind down and get back in touch with my body,” she said. “It feels lovely and safe to be all wrapped up in the silks, while you do movement flows and fancy tricks.


“There is a definite feeling of play with this skill. These are creative classes that will remind you to grin, laugh and love your body.


“All that, while covertly incorporating deep core work and mindful yoga practices that can feed into your daily routines, reducing tension and learning to listen and respond to your body.”


The training space was closed over the bank holiday weekend with the June timetable starting on Tuesday, June 7. The new aerial yoga class will start on Thursday, June 9.


To find out more, visit our classes page. To book, email info@upsidedowncircus.co.uk 


By Liz Day 


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